It has been almost 10 years I had desperately fallen in love with modern pop music and its composition. I always wanted to become a professional singer gigging live on different stages of the world, but as it is impossible to reach such a goal in my country, I rather became an English teacher at a secondary school in my home town, so I could live on my own budget with my wife and two cute little daughters .

My name is Jozef Bubnar, but you are looking at my "artist name" web page at the moment. B-Joey's music is not just about a combination of boring rhythms, mainstream melodies or harmonies and simple lyrics telling the world nothing important. My music is a deep description of my inner world, emotions, thoughts, opinions and feelings that have to be cried out to the Earth. I believe music is the amazing way of expressing something much bigger than we can imagine and has a power to change the society and nations.

I have worked and cooperated with a lot of slovak incredible musicians to get the most of my songs. They are written by me (music and lyrics), but sound designed by one of the most successful slovak music producers, Randy Gnepa (Mafia Corner) and recorded by perfect musicians like e.g. guitar - Brano Kociov (Katka Knechtova band, Kristina), or when talking about previous compositions with S2G band - keyboard - Martin Husovsky (Komajota) etc...

After 10 years of performing with my christian rock-pop gospel band S2G, I decided to do the music my way and on my own, so I made my first single called "Broadcast" (feat. one of the most successful Czecho-slovak SuperStar 2013 TV Show contestants - Tomi Sucik) in the summer and you could see the music video performing in TV Ocko. The latest song "Not Afraid" was mastered in New York City, USA by Tom Coyne (Beyonce, James Arthur, Taylor Swift or Adele sound) and made this song to be a sound masterpiece.

The music video of my latest composition called "Humanity" was broadcasted in May 2014 by many mainstream Slovak media and televisions (TV Markiza, as the song has been dedicated to all Ukrainians suffering in the war with Russia. I just hope the future of humanity can be better wherever in the world, that's why I have composed this track and music video...

All songs and compositions I have made are available to download on iTunes, so feel free to say your support by purchasing one of them, each for very reasonable price. I would like to compose and prepare at least one full solo CD to let you have access to my music in one great bundle. I hope my music will bring you a lot of joy and positive emotions and will become an unseparable part of your mp3 player .

Thank you for visiting my web page.