09.10.2014: New Song Basic Now Out!

The song Basic has been finally released to public and is now available on YouTube. Check it out right now!

22.09.2015: New Single Basic Coming Soon!

Dear fans, I am about to release a new single called Basic really, really soon, so stay tuned!

02.12.2014: Several Updates & More Success

Dear fans, there have been so many great things which happened in B-Joey's career since June Carpathia Poland success, that I would really like to share with you:
  1. The top music producers of the UK (Mark Cawley, Stuart Epps, dr. Richard Niles etc.) have chosen some of B-Joey's songs and music videos to be among the best music pieces of the world (Broadcast single has got a semi-finalist position in both, music video and pop category, and Humanity is in the music video category either) in the prestigious, international competition UK Songwriting Contest. We are waiting what is going to happen next.
  2. Alicia Keys, Lenny Kravitz, Gwen Stefani, Steven Tyler and a lot of other music professionals have decided that Humanity belongs to 5 best world pop songs. This was the result of the Song of the Year, aworldwide held competition of music composers. The single is going around a lot of USA music industry places and trying to assume some people from showbusiness.
  3. Because of the cooperation with very clever film directors of India (Jeewan Malhi), B-Joey and his friend, a director Laco Rychtarik, has recorded a breath taking moving music video. You can see the song "What We Miss" here:

10.06.2014: Great Success At Carpathia Rzeszow Festival! 2nd place!!

Another great news! I managed to end up as 2nd at Carpathia Rzeszow Festival with my song Not Afraid! This is a huge step forward for me and encourages me to keep doing this stuff . You can check it at official Official Carpathia Rzeszow Festival's webpage.

06.05.2014: Song Humanity got to mainstream Slovak media

Great news! My song humanity reached the front page on and also got into Slovak television Markiza, broadcasted in the news ( It's a great success for me and I would like to thank everyone who was supporting me .

06.05.2014: Webpage finally online

My webpage is finally online, there is however still a lot of work to do, so some sections are not fully functional yet. But they will be available very soon .